In Gatxan we believe that everyone should be able to access computer services with the maximum possible security and privacy.
We refuse to gain profit at the expense of our Users' privacy: We are diametrically opposed to the kind of unscrupulous business that is done by the world's tech giants with their online services , who in exchange for supposedly free services get a huge economic benefit by using the data they obtain from their users. And yes, let's say supposedly free because we all know what the price is...

Gatxan is the alternative to the conventional services of the world's IT giants, our Company Policy, as oposited, is very clear and very simple to summarize:


You will always have the contractual guarantee that we will not make commercial use of your information, nor of your personal activity, nor of your data, nor of your metadata.
We invite you to check it by taking a look at our legal information so that you can be sure that the REAL PRIVACY that we are offering you is true.

In addition, to be able to provide an even greater degree of security, the Gatxan servers are located in our own facilities in the Principality of Andorra, with all that this implies, and they are installed within our own data center, which means that we do not and will never depend on the privacy policies of third parties. This is why we are so confident in the security and privacy we offer our users.

Additionally we have a team of highly qualified professionals at the backend with long experience in what is our specialization: computer security, protection of privacy and privacy on the internet and, since 2012, Blockchain technology, the most revolutionary invention since the creation of the Internet.

In our Ecosystem of services you will have the option to be you, and not us, who encrypts your data, to later store it in our Andorra-located servers.
This is known as "Zero Knowledge privacy":

If only you have your keys, only you have your data.

GATXAN CLOUD: Storage, e-mail & Work tools with REAL privacy

Cloud service with "Zero knowledge" encryption with email mailboxes with option to send email with PGP encryption, calendar, agenda, contacts, online document edition, messaging, video conferencing... All work tools you can imagine, but with REAL security and privacy, and physically hosted in our servers in Andorra.

GATXAN OSNET: Historical OS with real networked usability

For retro-computing enthusiasts and "legacy" computer program developers who would want or need to test their creations on historical OS in a realistic networked enviroment.
It is an actual "social network" but emulanting how things worked and were made at the beginnings of internet.

GATXAN CRYPTO: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Services

Fromtrust systems for crypto operations and cryptopayment control tools for bussines, to supplying and building of POW cryptomining farms.
In addition, we also develop Smart contracts and implement blockchain technology in companies for industrial processes (production control, logistics, etc.).

GATXAN TRACK: Analysis, Research & Tracking

We make studies and reports aimed at Compliance requirements as well as analisies and identifcation of the origin of cryptoassets and transactions tracking in blockchain. To complete the service, we also offer investigation and research services in all the areas, including on-field investigation, to follow the trail that cybercriminals leave for try to recover, whenever possible, what the user has lost.

GATXAN SERVICES: Cybersecurity & IT Cyberdefense

We help you recover security and privacy in your digital day-to-day life in a completely personalized way, we study your needs and provide all the tools and software alternatives to giants and multinationals so that you can regain the sovereignty of your information.

GATXAN SAY: Cybersecrity and Blockchain Advice & Gatxan Helpdesk

Online service of Consultancy and personalized advice in Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
Support and helpDesk for all services of the GATXAN Ecosystem.

All the services from our ecosystem are hosted in our own servers which are installed in our own facilities in the Principality of Andorra, with all that this implies, not only at the level of physical security, but at the level of country security. Andorra is listed as a low criminality country, and it is known for its principle of legal certainty. This allows us to offer a series of advantages to our users:


Andorra is a fully sovereign country and not subject to supra-state restrictions, which implies a much greater agility of operations than, for example, the member countries of the EU.


The fact that our servers are physically located in Andorra allows us to guarantee that our users' data will always be protected under fair and proportionate legislation .


One thing that characterizes Andorra is the near zero crime rate in the country. Even so, we contract the security of our facilities to the most solvent companies in the sector in the Principality.


In Gatxan we only use our own servers built up with the most advanced technology in high-speed telecommunications, and all the services of the Gatxan Ecosystem are installed in our own servers. Furthermore, these are hosted in our own Data Centers within our own facilities, which ensures that our infrastructure does not and will never depend on third party companies.

That's why we're so confident in the security and the privacy we offer our users.

The information is the building block of your company. Regain its control.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


To achieve this high level of security and privacy to which we are committed, we strictly apply our «Zero-knowledge Information Security and Real Privacy Policy»: we only use tools with the security and privacy of the highest level according to today's standards. To deal with possible attacks, we apply virtualization and compartmentalization of servers, techniques and strategies for data encryption and protection, on the data transfer and on its storage as well. Adding to that, full encrypted backups are made and replicated real time to different non-disclosed locations.

We only follow our own cyber security and cyber defense guidelines, which go far beyond the standards of the major tech providers:


  • ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Privacy).
  • E2EE (End to End Encryption).
  • Hard disk encryption using LUKS and CGD.
  • Encryption of communications using VPN.

Through a clear and understandable user interface, the option is given to the User, and not Gatxan, to generate their own encryption keys from their own computer. Only when the information has already been encrypted on the user's terminal, it is uploaded to Gatxan's servers. Also, on all services, the only valid form of verification is via OTP or PGP.

In this way we achieve:
That Gatxan does not have and can never have the data decryption keys because, instead of generating them by us and delivering them, it is the User who directly generates them from his own computer.
Since to encrypt the information it will not have been necessary to previously upload it to our servers, Gatxan will not have had access to the unencrypted User's information any moment.


  • GPL, AGPL and BSD licenses
  • Debian Linux, NetBSD, SmartOS...
  • Tahoe-LAFS, Nexcloud...
  • WireGuard, TincVPN, OpenVPN...
  • OpnSense, SpamAssassin...
  • Lightning Network, Bitcoin Core...
  • GnuPG, Thunderbird, Sylpheed, Mutt, K9, FairEmail...
  • Pidgin, Psi+...
  • DAVx5, Simple Calendar...

With the intention of achieving total transparency and avoiding possible leaks of information and improper access, the tools and software used, both throughout the Gatxan Ecosystem and those recommended for the User, will never be commercial products that work for the private interests of the companies that create them but, as far as possible, will be open source and build on public domain standards. This means: free licensed, shareable and redistributable, collaborative (makes them continuously tested, verified and audited by the community of developers who created them and who would warn of any improper modification that may be made), interoperable (built to interact and exchange information with other User's programs) and portable (installable in different operating systems).

In this way we achieve:
By not using commercial tools and software from IT giants we ensure that there will be no information leakage , neither to any of these companies nor to any other external to Gatxan.
Since open source software has no commercial and private restrictions of any kind, anyone can install it on as many devices as they want and on most operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, etc.)
Being FREE tools, we ensure that the User will never have to carry with extra costs for the software, usage subscriptions, etc. There will never be any payment other than the service subscription itself.


  • Three autentication security levels (3FA): Password, OTP code and PGP key.
  • Strict partitioning.
  • Real time and replicated encrypted backups (full and incremental), stored in own facilities and in non-disclosed locations.
  • Active and permanent monitoring of all processes: systems, security, communications, etc.
  • Last generation firewalls and antivirus.
  • Constant updates and maintenance of all procedures according to the evolution of real threats, as well as of the software and its security levels, and also of the security tools themselves (IDS, firewalls, antivirus, etc.).

In this way we achieve:
The strict compartmentalization contains possible external intrusions so that they would affect only locally and thus avoiding the spread, the escalation of privileges and the mass infection attempt. In this way, any intrusion could not access to all the information.
By making instant, replicated and encrypted backups, the information would not be accessible to anyone who does not have the keys and, obviously, neither will it be in case of intrusion, would be completely useless for them. In addition, the fact of having more than one backup in different locations that are not accessible to attackers, ensures that the User will never lose their information.


  • Automated systems.
  • Threat isolation.
  • Alerts in real time.
  • Data collection and tracing of the origin of possible attacks.
  • Team of highly qualified professionals with exclusive dedication.

In addition to having a highly qualified and dedicated team to respond as quickly as possible, we also have automated decision-making systems based on threat neutralization and isolation , as well as tracing the origin of these to compile data, relate them and know how and where to act at all times.

In this way we achieve:

The User will always receive completely personalized attention and at any time.
Minimize service downtime.




These are the four basic and fundamental pillars of the REAL "ZERO-KNOWLEDGE" INFORMATION SECURITY AND PRIVACY POLICY designed by Gatxan, which we strictly apply to all users of the Gatxan Ecosystem of online services and all clients of Gatxan Services IT services.

In addition, all our services have the GATXAN'S SEAL OF GUARANTEE: confidentiality, REAL privacy, data encryption and physical location of own servers in the Principality of Andorra. Because in Gatxan the privacy of our Users comes first: WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR INFORMATION.

If only YOU have your keys, only YOU have your data.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


We propose a whole ECOSYSTEM OF ONLINE SERVICES dedicated to internet security and the protection of private information for both individuals and companies, with REAL "Zero Knowledge Privacy". From consulting and advisory services, to blockchain technology research and implementation services, either in projects related to cryptocurrencies, or in the application of blockchain technology to business processes; and going through research and tracking on the web, both in terms of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and research for investigation in all areas of the internet.

Below you will find out our ecosystem of Services:. Click in to Log in.

  • All
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Web services
  • Fintech
  • Miscelaneous
All services of the Gatxan Ecosystem have an online support & Helpdesk with incident management system
to help you personally if you need to be guided within our platforms.

All our services are placed in our own DC facilities located in Andorra. That's why we are so self-confident about security and REAL PRIVACY that we offer.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


Despite trying to explain our services in detail, there is always the possibility that you may have doubts or that we have not been able to explain in the best possible way. For this reason, here is a list of frequently asked questions to try to resolve any doubts you may have.

Only in Gatxan you will find REAL PRIVACY.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


In GATXAN we are a team of highly qualified professionals with long experience in what we specialize in:
computer security, cyber research, protection of privacy on the internet and, since 2012, research in blockchain networks.

The Gatxan team are my trusted advisors in all things cryptocurrency and cyber security, they give me the peace of mind I need for my clients.

Marcel Lescano

AFICO Group Advisors

What seems impossible, in Gatxan they make it possible, they are able to extract information from where others assure you that it is not possible. They are far away from the rest of the professionals I worked with.

Gustavo A. Cicerón

Private Investigator

In Gatxan they manage all the hosting and security for my clients. They have been my peace of mind and security for over ten years.

Mónica Vera

La escucha activa - SEO & Marketing

Gatxan is one of our best partners. In addition, they have a solid infrastructure of their own and a quality equal to the services they offer.

Roger Garcia

Glutec - Technology infrastructures

The information is the building block of your company. Regain its control.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


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